Baby Boomers Have A New Desire

Senior home care services are a rising trend for today’s elders who are known as the ‘baby boomer’ generation. The increase in demand results from today’s demographic, economic, and technological changes which have created a population of seniors that are living longer, healthier, and active lives.

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The baby boom generation are not settling for the ‘alone and invisible’ pathway as did their parents. (Note we are not blaming the parents of yesteryear.) From this experience of taking care of their aging parents, some seniors know and understand the eventual burden of caretaking.

From that lesson, today’s seniors are initiating pro-active planning for life after retirement and as they continue aging. The baby boomers recognize and respect that their adult children have lives, careers, and family of their own, which overtime may cause conflict in providing the necessary care for them. In some cases, the adult children may eventually be or unable to provide any care for them.

In bygone days, elders and their adult children lived in old-fashioned neighborhoods where a nucleus of family, friends, and neighbors have a support network that allowed them to assist each other with the caretaking of aging members of the community. The caretaking activities … Read More