Switching Career to Work-from-home: How to Set Up Office in Your Home

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Work-from-home offers a lot of advantages. It is an ideal work set up for moms and even dads who want to earn money without leaving their houses. As parents, it is difficult for them to leave their homes because they are worried about their kids. Thankfully, they can find jobs which don’t require to leave houses.

Parents are not the only ones who find the advantages in a home-based setup. Even the singles are interested in working in this setup.

Advantages of working-from-home

Better work-life balance

Worry-free from traffic

Minimal or almost no office politics

Reduced carbon footprint

Can work in flexible time

Have more time with family

No need to worry if you’ll be late at work

Although there are tons of advantages, people should also consider the disadvantages to prepare themselves. 

Cons from working-from-home

Noise interruption

Lacking communication

Security concerns

Ergonomic issues

Lack of office equipment

Switching to work-from-home may bring challenges. Most people are lured to switch into home-based setup because of the idea they can work anytime without being monitored by a boss. It is true you can manage your time. However, they forget to check the challenges. Aside from focussing on the advantages, … Read More