Building a Journey Trailer for Model X

Frances Lawson

I acquired MX with the notion of looking at the planet. At the time of invest in gross sales associates at Manner Island in Newport Beach CA stated I would be capable to set my MX in a transport container and do the identical with a journey trailer and tour […]

I acquired MX with the notion of looking at the planet. At the time of invest in gross sales associates at Manner Island in Newport Beach CA stated I would be capable to set my MX in a transport container and do the identical with a journey trailer and tour Europe making use of my life time no cost supercharging.

As a test I’ve survived devoid of a vacation trailer in Design X in Colorado now for sevelral winters at Telluride, Aspen, Vail , Beaver Creek, Steamboat , Copper Mountain, Winter season Park, Loveland, Park City, Mammoth, Snow Summit, Major Bear, June Mountain, Wold Creek and many others, . I have it down to a science at this issue. My have to have for a journey trailer is now extra centered on a GF’s diminished bladder dimensions, and that there is truly constrained space for two peoples winter season equipment and outfits, and cooking in terrible weather conditions (wind, rain, snow) . Frankly I have the very last component solved as perfectly as showering, in 4 many years of Tesla winter tenting, I have by no means had to go even a single day without a new very hot shower. I even have a way of placing a shower accessory package in my Product X that heats the h2o making use of the cellphone application and makes it possible for for a totally wind protected shower that even a very tall man or woman can stand up in.

But in conditions of my European snowboard tour, I was misled by the gross sales associates at Vogue Island . . 3 period charging in Europe will make this tricky with no supplemental electronics , supercharging accounts may possibly not be world-wide , and provider will not likely get the job done globally either, my warranty would be void if I bring the vehicle to Europe, nevertheless X treatment has an extended guarantee approach that now will work in the United states , Canada, and Mexico. Reduction of Europe seems a shame since if any 1 automobile company could make this occur or however could make this take place it would be Tesla.

But let’s not forget the strategy of owning some habitable house towed guiding me. Towing just a mattress in a tear drop appears silly. A shower and bathroom is desired, and cooking would be good.

I am not certain I would bother with a journey trailer getting solo. But auto camping is just not for everyone,

I have experimented with 6 diverse varieties of mattresses, a lot of diverse shower products and solutions, no matter whether it truly is really worth it to deliver folding chairs, yeti cooolers (every single size and kind and combination ) Engel fiberglass coolers that continue to keep ice for 2 weeks , 5 distinctive styles of stoves and unique fuels at various temps and altitudes.

And I have seemed at the Winter completely ready journey trailers offered to us , all the existing styles, visited the Bowlus manufacturing unit, talked with ESCAPE, and Oliver , deemed New airstreams , vintage airstreams , Avion, Silver Streak , Silver Stream, I am making an attempt to stay clear of stick constructed trailers like Lance, and other alternatives that would not previous additional than a ten years or so right before delamination , mildew and other problems would signify it would have to be discarded.

And in the finish…. nothing genuinely functions.

In an suitable world…I would purchase a salvaged tesla , mount a trailer on the skateboard system that is collapsible so it can slip stream my Design X . Not even join them with just about anything over and above basic safety chains , and use the fleet program of Tesla SEMI to make the trailer follow my automobile like networked Tesla Semi. Both of those would charge at the superchargers and in a ideal world when likely downhill it’s possible the front Tesla would get regen from the rear to help equilibrium out vary.

Why do this? Due to the fact assortment from Supercharger to Supercharger would not be so impacted. If I could immediate regen and potentially transfer electric power involving the two I could arrive at a campsite with a trailer complete of demand, and then go off and recharge the guide motor vehicle. Or in the situation of producing the full trailer out of solar panels I could possibly go into a far more distant place, and then drop the trailer to charge up with solar and then cost the drive car as well.

Today’s travel trailers are a horrible structure. As a trailer drops below 30 toes the residing room location shrinks dramatically . At 26 toes the living home is a dinette abutting a couch, Abutting a kitchen , and finally abutting a bed. Underneath 22 ft you are towing a mattress up towards a dinette and kitchen area. Showers are uncomfortably cramped as are bathrooms. And nothing at all is there to acquire edge of a Completely Electric powered Mentor.

All the collapsible travel trailers are unsuitably insulated for Colorado Winters.

And of study course , paradoxically, checks in other threads show shorter tear fall trailers tow with higher electrical power utilization for every mile than more time trailers that weigh much more but are likely to be a lot more aerodynamic with rounded corners and for a longer time length.

A Bowlus 26′ vacant tin can with no insulation that expenditures as a lot as two Product X can make ZERO feeling to me,

So substantially of the classic trailers remind me of some grandmothers house with aged quilts and dowdy upholstery.

Elòn Musk when said that hoping to adapt the first roadster Lotus chassis was much more labor than if he developed just one from the floor up.

So instead a Goal Created TRAILER FOR EVs requires to be developed . There ought to be. Way to combine their aerodynamic Envelopes into one.


I have some awesome thoughts.

The likelihood of having, prolonged scorching showers.

Most of the coach remaining living house and the kitchens and bathrooms only being set up as desired and remaining able to be set up in less than 30 seconds.

Radiant heated floors. ( much much more successful )

Solar incredibly hot drinking water warmth banking institutions with warmth exchangers.

Strategies to control drinking water heating remotely from your phone devoid of having to load any new software program.

A collapsible and expandible.trailer for improved aerodynamics that sets up swiftly and is freeze proof. Modular to even permit storing in a garage.

Audiophile top quality seem and a quick throw projector that is equally integrated into the trailer and can be introduced outside to turn the facet of your trailer into a mini drivein.

The selection to take away h2o from the air utilizing solar and battery electricity to lengthen boondocking.

Integrated washer dryer that operates largely when charging.

New approaches of managing refrigeration other than just relying on a fridge box which is too modest and awkward in a little space.

The way I see it Model X in a shorter trailer edition has the MX as the bed room and the trailer as residing room, kitchen area toilet . And in a for a longer period version as a way to have a mattress in the trailer with the option of using MX as a “guest bedroom ” or just storage.

I wouldn’t do this as a 1 off. But if more than enough have been interested it could be a undertaking worth executing. The other day I fulfilled a battery pack designer from Rivian , and I am very great mates with a former skateboard racer buddy who now owns EV West (vendor of Tesla sections To change ICE cars to EV) so Tesla travel trains and battery packs are accessible . I have accessibility to a multi axis CNC milling device with software cassettes. As effectively as access to picket lamination presses for snowboards and longboards . And a close friend I applied to mentor , who sells 3 d printers. Other good friends of mine have intended Wine refrigerators, I know which compressors to use that are quite silent, productive, and trustworthy .

I will not want a adhere built trailer. It must be aluminum or probably some mixture of aluminum , and fiberglass and 3D printed parts. Sections really should be modular to make it possible for for components sharing.substantially of redundant partitions and cabinetry walls ought to be removed. Insulation should really be also part of the structural ingredient,

Lastly , it may possibly be good if aspect of the collapsible component of this also lets for the tin can to be opened in good climate like a element of a wall that hinges to type at the moment an overhang and a bar.

Surfaces and furnishings should be straightforward to clean up as dust and wind seems to conspire to make all RVs immediately filthy ina. Dust storm . I see seating surfaces created of one density foam for sitting in one particular side and softer foam for sleeping on the other. All cushions must have a slight overhanging skirt of about an inch to retain dust from acquiring below them.

I are inclined to layout points to prevent issues in advance of other people even think about the dilemma from developing, nevertheless I do not about layout for issues which will by no means be problematic.

Anything at all considered for the mentor must have various utilization thing to consider . There should also be redundant programs without having Incorporating ANY added weight to go over some systems in situation of failure, For occasion an pair of individual induction cooktops could be applied as two burners, or also for heating a water tank. Really should one element fail the other could do double obligation , and be very easily inexpensively replaceable . The induction cooktops could be very easily placed outdoors and be in weather proof containers which would allow for for a shower or rest room set up additional completely in the room vacated by the kitchen area (pleasant for boondocking). Or vice versa. (But will not leave kitchens out in Bear nation). I just want people today to truly feel free of charge to employ and configure their campsite to give them the most enjoyment for the the very least sum of work.


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