The Assumption

Many may think selling a new home would be more comfortable than selling an old house in whatever shape it may be in, But this is not true as you may need to put in some work to sell it. One cannot merely put a “For Sale: new home” sign in front of the house and expect willing buyers to snap up your property at the price you have set to sell it at. 

The Plan

With little or no repairs and renovations to be done, time can be used on the next essential items, which include: Making and following a marketing plan to put and sell the property on the real estate market. The idea would be to put down the property at its best-valued price. Other items factored into the marketing plan would be the cost of advertising, which includes both print(newspapers and magazines) and electronic print (internet advertisement). The benefit of having a marketing plan is having a plan of action, a time frame, and a direction and purpose of the efforts to sell my house fast jacksonville.

The two most important things you should never omit or exaggerate are The property’s Condition and its Asking Price. You may include the cost incurred for advertising as well as minor alterations or repairs made before the sale of your property as part of the asking price as long as they are reasonable. It is in good measure to give a fixed date of purchase, availability to occupy, and exchange of contracts apart from listing all those items you may include in the sale of the property, such as equipment and furniture, both inbuilt and freestanding. These all comprise what is known as The Terms and Condition of Sale.

A salesman with all the facts and figures of his trade, as well as his closure contract beforehand, is more attractive to a potential seller than one who does not know specific facts and may seem not prepared to sell his wares.

Playing with and using personal property shopping psychology in its best, real estate agents would also advise you that spring and summer times are the seasons to put your property on the market and sell it. It has been noted that the property market goes through a hibernation season when it is cold and growth and peak when it is warm. This makes the time of the year more vital in your home selling effort.

A buyer may not be far away; They may be a stone thrown away. Your neighbors’ family and friends who visit the area may just as well be your potential open house patron and eventually buyer of your property. A brochure listing information about your property plus a photo or two describing your property goes a long way.

Selling a property should not seem hard, whether new or old, you have to gather and use the right tools to get it sold at the right price and at the right time.