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Target New Movers With Amazing Full Color Envelopes Instead of Boring Letters!

Want to create an impact when targeting “new movers” in your local area? Add color to your mailing. The vast majority of envelopes that arrive in the mailbox are white, so a dash of color (or a lot if you’re daring!) will really get noticed. If you want to let newly arrived homeowners know about your neighborhood pizza restaurant, there really is no better way.

The Rainbow Is Yours

Choose a bright inviting color, or maybe all three colors of the Italian flag. Or at least print your logo large and in color to announce your business to the new neighbor. How about a full-color rendition of your number one best selling pizza, almost jumping off the paper and enticing the future customer to open that envelope. Add a big red starburst emblazoned with “coupon inside!” and you will have an excellent eye-catcher. Please visit here domino‚Äôs coupon.

Color Is Affordable

Full color printing used to be very expensive but technology has brought costs extremely low. Color sells so well that the return on investment will be excellent for your business. Be as colorful and bright as you want, but be sure that any important text is very readable. It’s easy to get carried away with color and end up with something that’s a little too busy. The graphics are important, but the discount offer is what will get the customer to bother to open and read the details. Make sure it stands out.

Why New Home Owners

New home owners don’t have old ingrained habits yet – like they always go to another pizza spot for dinner. You will be their new habit if you announce yourself the right way and grab them early with a targeted offer. Address the letter in a manner specific to their situation “welcome to the neighborhood” is completely appropriate. We all know that new home owners are busy and don’t have time to cook, but they can easily pick up the phone and get a pizza, or come by with the family. Getting out of the house filled with boxes waiting to be unpacked would be a welcome treat. Your new mover pizza mailer shows that you understand their situation and that you are friendly and understanding. Your pizza is the best in the neighborhood and convenient too. And with that special offer, it’s a price they cannot refuse.

New homeowners are easy to locate by getting to know your local realtors. Partner with them and offer special deals or free pizzas as they pass on names and addresses of recently closed properties. Once that property has closed it is a matter of public record anyway and they won’t be breaking any fiduciary duties, but will be providing you with a jump on new business in the neighborhood! Mailings in full color will make you stand out in a sea of mail that is probably already flooding their mailboxes. When new movers find an invitation and special offer – just for them- in their mail box you will be first in line to grab their attention and reel in the business.